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When all the dance concerts, music festivals, gallery openings, movie premiers, opening nights, international tours, ensemble rehearsals, film and photo shootslistening parties, and curtain calls were shut down established and aspiring artists were crushed. But, this presented an opportunity. As a creative community we can either wait it out or keep creating. NOTNEBIA chose the latter. Although we currently are unable to anticipate that feeling when the curtain opens and lights go up from our seats, we can still experience human expression in its purest forms. And while witnessing the spark in a student's eye after they realize they are fully capable of executing something that was once an unreachable goal artistic education and training doesn't have to stop. Our artist collective of professional, skilled and experienced artists have agreed that now more than ever the world needs more art, and aspiring artists need accurate information, guidance, inspiration and instruction. We have curated virtual events and performance collaborations to inspire as only art can. We have devised online courses with realistic and attainable outcomes to assist you on the road to furthering and exploring your artistry.

Join NOTNEBIA to start or continue your artistic journey in any art discipline of your choice! With our trusted artists with many years of experience and success, in the spotlight and behind the scenes, learn the best techniques, tips and secrets from the comfort of your own home or creative space. You will have the unique opportunity to receive personalized individual feedback from the instructor just like you would if you were taking lessons or classes face to face.

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