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Jembe Percussion Instrument


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Dance with Lindsay in the "ChoreoLab"

NN Teaching Artists (26)

Dance with Otis in "African Styles"

TereLyn Jones

Dance with TereLyn in "Tighten Technique"

Juel D. Lane

Dance with Juel while "Finding Your Voice"

Shoccara Marcus

Capture your world with Shoccara in Photography

NN Teaching Artists (28)

Develop your sound with John in Saxaphone

Raianna Brown

Dance with Raianna in Contemporary

Jamaal Barber

Create with Jamaal in Images of Us

NN Teaching Artists (30)

Own your story with Deborah in Storytelling

NN Teaching Artists (29)

Cook with Kottavei in your own Intuitive Kitchen

LaMarr Benton

Develop drawing practice with LaMarr in Art is Life

Dhakeria Little

Beat Your Face with Dhakeria in Face:Stage & Life

Dennis Johnson

Learn to write songs with Dennis in Songwriting

NN Teaching Artists (27)

Dance with Crystal in Hip Hop

Ashlee Haze

Create words with power with Ashlee in Haiku


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